About us

Who we are

Calmellow is a family-based business located in Brisbane. Each product is lovingly created in our studio, where we design, produce and ship every item by hand.

The name Calmellow is the fusion between calm and mellow — the place where relaxation, enjoyment and healing begin.

We believe everyone deserves to be spoilt with luxury soaps, calming bath salts, nurturing fragrances and soothing oils — for yourself, or as a gift for your loved one.

Where We Began

The pandemic impacted everyone’s life in some way. Like a lot of people, I realised how uncertain the job market had become, and was looking for an alternative plan for the future.

I had always been praised for my passion of gift-giving, so I was on the hunt to start a business that might fuel that passion.

Whilst staying in touch with family, my sister showed me the result of a craft class she had taken. The amazing soaps and candles she'd created during this class ignited my creative senses.

That day, the idea for Calmellow was born.

After months of careful research, I purchased my first candle making kit. Over time, I perfected the candle making process and also mastered the art of artisan soaps, wax melts, shower and bath blends and more.

Our friends and family fell in love with our creative fragrance + bath + body collection and the word quickly spread. Now we are proud to offer our full range of pampering products and gifts to Australian and New Zealand customers.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

The Calmellow Experience

At Calmellow we are passionate about:

• Crafting high-quality, handmade goods made from local ingredients
• Recognising self-care and taking time out as an expression of love
• Offering a wide range of affordable items to make shopping quicker and easier
• Celebrating the diversity of people and their unique experiences
• Catering for friends and family on that special occasion
• Surprising and delighting our customers

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.